Excellence in executive offsite meetings

Concentrated executive offsite meetings (Flywheel® Workshops) are the core of our established Flywheel® Method, which consists of multiple modules, in which we accompany our customers through the effective development and implementation of their strategy, culture, change and communication projects. In Flywheel® Workshops, our clients will develop practical and realizable results through actions lists, under the guidance of our experienced experts.


The existing knowledge within a company forms the basis for optimal results from the Flywheel® Process. At the beginning of the Flywheel® Process, with the integration of existing knowledge as an objective, we clarify which knowledge and information is required to successfully handle specific challenges.

  • Environment
    What do our clients want? Who are our competitors, what are they doing and how are they positioned in the industry? What is happening within our industry, and what are the deciding impacts and challenges?
  • Corporate policy
    Why do we work and what motivates us? How does our work justify our existence?
  • Strategy
    What is our business model and what long-term goals are we pursuing? What does our corporate strategy look like and what are the respective strategies for the particular areas?
  • Culture
    What values make up the basis of our company? Is our mission statement up to date and are we implementing it consistently? Is the culture used as a driver of success?
  • Executives
    What management principles shape our actions? How does our management team work together? Are we promoting and leading our employees ideally?
  • Structure
    How effective are our structures and processes? How well does the collaboration within our company function? Do our structures enable excellent products and services?


    If the right people are involved in the Flywheel® Process, the results of the work will be implemented quickly and consistently. We support you in the choice of key personalities as Flywheel® Process participants. Aside from the top executives, proponents, opinion leaders, creative heads and critics should also be included.

    It is important to incorporate the people who are really needed. We assist you with the training of these people, so that competent, action-oriented teams emerge, across hierarchies and functions.ass hierarchie- und bereichsübergreifende, handlungsfähige und umsetzungsstarke Teams entstehen.

    • Deciders
      Who needs to be present to in order to realize important actions and projects? Who has the required instruments, capacities and competencies to push change in the long term?
    • Specialists
      Who, in our company, possesses the relevant knowledge and necessary experience? Who knows what our customers will demand now and in the future?
    • Innovators
      Who are our most creative minds with the best ideas?
    • Opinion leaders
      Whose voice receives the most attention? Who do people listen to? Who is important as an influencer? Where, within our informal network, are the relevant influencers who can enable change?
    • Makers
      Who perseveres with projects, even when it gets difficult? Who is action-oriented and willing to achieve his/her intentions?
    • Critical minds
      Who are the grumblers, skeptics and notorious objection-raisers within our company? Who do we have to involve from the beginning, in order to avoid any opposition throughout the implementation phase?

      Topic filter

      Participants get a chance to express hundreds of opinions, which will thereafter be dealt with in a more condensed manner in the Flywheel® Workshops. This way, we can involve everybody in the process from the beginning, to reach a high degree of consensus.

      As-is analysis

      In order to achieve excellent problem-solving, you need to know where you are. Therefore, we develop a description of the as-is state of the company together with the participants, and build the next stages based on the initial appraisal.


      This part requires the creativity and willingness of the participants to innovate: you describe independently, based on the established courses of action and patterns of thought, what your company could look like in an ideal world, and what changes would be desirable.

      Action planning

      In the last stage of the workshop, we will elaborate on relevant core topics, to determine concrete actions and essential projects, which will be recommended for implementation at management level.

      Consensus and commitment

      During the last stage, participants prioritize results and allocate themselves to a project, in which they can and want to make a concrete contribution towards successful implementation.


      Everybody involved in the Flywheel® Process assumes responsibility and takes on specific tasks, that will be documented. All decisions arising from the respective stages of the workshop and subsequent discussions and votes will also be recorded.


      Specific goals will be appointed to all action lists and projects. The respective performance, with regard to achieving these goals, will be analyzed within a defined time period, in line with the Flywheel® Process, so that project progress and potential variations are clear.


      The Flywheel® Method also includes our support in the creation and compliance of detailed schedules, so that actual results can be implemented at the right time.

      Closing presentation

      Each Flywheel® Process ends on a date, that is determined at the beginning, on which results will be presented, documented and celebrated.

      The compiled results and implemented actions are presented at the conclusion of the Flywheel® Process. Frequently, our customers decide to not only invite all those involved in the process to this event, but also all the employees who are affected by it.

      Final ceremony

      Our customers celebrate the actual results and practically relevant actions at the end of the Flywheel® Process. The final ceremony, which can be arranged in various ways, represents the uplifting finale of the Flywheel® Process. This celebration contributes to a lasting and positive culture of implementation after the completion of the process.

      The advantages of the Flywheel® Process


      Flywheel® Processes selectively examine vital challenges that are relevant for the success of a company. The knowledge, experience and skills of the people involved are clustered and networked. This allows us to generate precise actions within a short space of time, with the consensus and commitment of everyone involved.


      Flywheel® Workshops are concentrated tests that yield precise results and solutions. They are suitable for companies of all sizes, within all industries. In a multilevel process, which starts by identifying a relevant topic and generating a situational analysis and vision, participants draw up an action catalog.
      Making optimum use of networking within a company, our process moderators assure that all opinions and perspectives are heard and respected.


      The best idea is worthless, if it is never implemented. With our Flywheel® Process and systematic follow-up, we help you keep track of the activities and the level of implementation, to guarantee a successful result. This way, you and your team will safely achieve your milestones and project goals together.


      Every Flywheel® Process has a precise deadline, which is defined from the very beginning, upon which results are not only presented and documented, but also celebrated.