Leadership – what counts and what doesn’t

At this talk or seminar, which addresses executives and decision makers of higher up in the hierarchy, the audience benefits from Dr. Frank Arnold’s long-term experience and established knowledge of leadership

A goldmine of information on the fundamentals of leadership are available in his books “The best advice I ever received – life lessons from star chefs”, “The best advice I ever received – learning from thinkers and doers” and “What makes great leaders great”.

Main topics:

  • Principles of particularly successful leadership (success orientation, contribution to the greater company vision, focus on the important, using your own strengths and the strengths of coworkers more, trust and constructiveness)
  • Achieving effectiveness and efficiency as a leader
  • Shifting to a culture of confidence
  • Balance of trust and control
  • Establishing excellent commitment and top motivation in teams
  • Key roles of effective leadership (defining goals, creating effective organization, sensible control, decision-making processes, leading and developing coworkers)
  • Instruments which qualify excellent leaders to cope with challenges
  • Principles of self-management for increased efficiency and efficacy
  • Avoid errors in reasoning, make excellent decisions
  • Enable and endorse innovation
  • Contact with the boss and coworkers
  • Recognize and optimize your own leadership style
  • Leadership behavior in different situations
  • Success-generating knowledge of internationally acknowledged top managers

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