Excellence in cultur

The existence of a strong and healthy culture is a central factor for the success of a company. The culture within a company – the existing  values and the way people behave towards the stakeholders and one another – defines the working processes. With the support of our experts, we help our customers to develop the fundamental elements required for the specific purposes within company.

We guide you through this process by helping you to overcome the following obstacles:

Kulturelle Post-Merger-Integration

  • Auch wenn die Rahmenbedingungen einer Übernahme oder eines Zusammenschlusses geregelt und die Organisationsstruktur bereinigt sind, ist der Merger noch nicht auf Dauer gelungen. Exzellente Unternehmen kümmern sich um die kulturelle Integration und die Vereinheitlichung der Werte in der neu entstandenen Firma.

Increase in effectiveness and efficiency

  • Swift processes, efficient actions and clearly defined priorities contribute to corporate success. Excellent companies regularly define and improve effectiveness and efficiency goals.

Holistic corporate development

  • Only companies that constantly develop and even reinvent new divisions will have lasting success in the industry. Excellent companies drive their continuous development forward and ensure that it extends across all branches of the business.

Design and implementation of cultural change

  • Companies that want sustainable success need to adjust their internal leadership style and market communication constantly, according to societal values. Excellent companies pay attention to societal trends and frequently assure that their corporate culture is compliant with societal changes.

Optimization of cross-functional collaboration

  • If all business divisions work hand in hand, pass on knowledge and know-how is passed on and provide mutual support for one another, an ideal company-wide outcome becomes possible. Excellent companies prevent the emergence of the “silo effect” and assure that business divisions network and collaborate together.

Definition of values

  • Mutual values give employees orientation regarding what actions and decisions are important and significant to customers. Excellent companies clearly define, communicate and live by their values.

Development of a mission statement

  • A uniform, company-wide mission statement that summarizes and illustrates the vision, mission, values and leadership principles, defines actions for employees, both young and old. Excellent companies have a written mission statement that serves as a guideline for everybody.

Development of leadership principles and mutual understanding of leadership

  • Excellent companies are frequently concerned with essential leadership topics, which create additional benefits for the development of the company and set standards for good leadership and collaboration.

Defining a code of conduct

  • A vibrant code of conduct supports managers in their decision-making process and helps employees to understand and implement these decisions. Excellent companies have a suitable code of conduct, which they adjust regularly, based on current requirements.

Conflict resolution in top executive teams

  • Smoldering conflicts paralyze the work of the executive board and cost time, money and nerves. Excellent companies tackle existing conflicts and solve them with a consensus-oriented approach.

Development of vision and mission

  • It is easier for employees to commit to a company goal if they are aware of the superior interests and objectives of the company. Therefore, excellent companies create and clearly communicate a mutual vision and mission.

We guide you through the entire process of culture development. We would be glad to support you in the practical implementation and systematic follow-up.