Area of application

Companies of different sizes, industries, structures and cultures have demonstrably acquired and implemented excellent results with the aid of the Flywheel® Method. The established methodology is suitable for the following areas of application:


  • Executing strategic realignment of the entire company or individual business segments
  • Speeding-up or initiation of strategic change
  • Securing and creating strategic implementation


  • Formulation of development and implementation of a consensus-oriented mission statement
  • Determination of binding rules of leadership and collaboration
  • Optimizing cross-functional tasks
  • Shaping leadership transition or generational change
  • Shaping and implementation of actions with regard to corporate culture

Project kick-off

  • Assuring that big corporate projects are on the right track from the beginning
  • Achieving motivation and commitment for corporate projects

Innovation management

  • Identifying and realizing new product ideas
  • Establishing new business models
  • Realizing cross-functional and cross-hierarchical innovations faster

Knowledge management

  • Detecting existing knowledge and make it accessible company-wide
  • Permanently maintaining knowledge within the company
  • Developing key people to become opinion leaders

Post-merger integration

  • Reaching consensus, commitment and effective working culture after a merger
  • Supporting leaders with cross-functional dialogs
  • Accompanying teams to guarantee a common direction and standardized actions