Excellence through Top-Executive Coaching

Executives work in an area of conflict, with main three goals: effective self-management, excellent employee leadership, and corporate success. It is not always possible to combine these three goals without conflict. In such cases and other challenging situations, our experts are at your disposal – as a neutral conversation partner and a critical sparring partner. Most of all, our clients value our coaches’ profound knowledge of leadership and management and their long-term experience in top executive coaching. In particular, we guide you through challenging stages with regard to the following topics:

Leading oneself

  • Set the right priorities and focus on the essential
  • Build trust
  • Decide effectively and accurately

Leading employees

  • Lead employees according to their type
  • Utilize mission, vision, strategy and goals for effective leadership
  • Deal with mistakes

Leading the company

  • Advance and regulate change and growth
  • Organize tasks and divisions effectively
  • Abolish what is unnecessary/unproductive systematically and create place for new things

The modules of the programs are conceptualized for an implementation period of 30 weeks. It is also possible to extend this to 50 weeks. The program is suitable for both individuals and groups. We will gladly work out our  recommendations for you, tailored to suit your specific situation.Please contact us if you wish to implement this program at your company.

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