Excellence in change management

Only companies that recognize the constant changes occurring in markets and react through change management will have sustainable success. We guide our customers through the entire change process, from the analysis of the precise needs for change and the development of appropriate actions and projects, to the implementation of the new strategy or culture. Our customers benefit from the expertise, work experience, and implementation skills of our experts. Our customers make use of the following areas of our change consultancy, and their change management projects benefit from them:

Supervision throughout the process

  • We guide our clients along the entire change process. Our process facilitators lead the discussions and creation of opinions in such a way that consensus and commitment are reached and a high level of willingness for the proposed changes is achieved among the employees. This is an indispensable requirement for the rapid implementation of the required changes.

    Creation, implementation and speedup of change processes

    • In our busy daily lives, too many change processes get lost along the way. Excellent companies prevent this through the systematic creation and clear implementation of roadmaps.

    Planning and designing of the communication concept

    • Extensive change projects require a well-thought-through communication concept, because only via transparency and active communication can employees be won over for the change process. Our experts support the internal networking process, the creation of a suitable communication concept and the coordination of interactive events within executive circles and among staff members.

    Achieving involvement and empowerment

    • If the parties affected by the change process are able to participate in the shaping of the company’s future, the implementation of the changes will be faster and subject to much less resistance. Therefore, we support our customers in the clear communication of the objectives of the change management project, in order to create awareness for the need for change, thereby achieving company-wide acceptance, participation and commitment.

    Organizational analysis

    • A systematic as-is analysis of the organization is crucial for the constructive creation and implementation of a change management project. Our experts support you in reaching reliable conclusions as to how executive leaders and staff members evaluate key areas of the company. Topics vary from strategic positioning, through organizational structures, motivation and working climate, decision-making processes, leadership and communication culture, to the mission statement and unwritten code of ethics.

    Teambuilding and -development

    • Only if teams work coherently on different levels, can added value be created in change management projects . Our experts support the intended changes within your company, by putting together and equipping suitable teams. With our customers, we focus on ideal collaboration within teams, so that highly complex tasks can be directly managed and targeted.

    Dealing with resistance

    • Resistance that is encountered during change projects can be the result of either factual or emotional factors. Whatever their cause, they need to be handled carefully. The ARNOLD Management Team helps you to recognize why resistance arises and how it can be eliminated. In this regard, our customers benefit from our expertise in leading conversations and solving problems.

    Conflict management

    • In practice, there are no change processes without conflicts. It is important to identify points of conflict promptly and make sure that the change process continues to run smoothly, without damage being done along the way. Our experienced consultants will help you regarding conflict resolution, by establishing open lines of communication, in order to lead conversations between parties with differing interests, to ensure that a solution is found – one that is  acceptable for everybody involved.


    • Within the framework of the change process, workshops are conducted to represent key events outside of the usual discussions, with the objective of developing practical ideas. With regard to change management, we also apply our proven Flywheel® Methodology for effective Flywheel®-Workshops.