Excellence in communication

Good communication is pivotal for successful strategy, culture and change projects. Excellent implementation happens when project plans are supported by the consensus and commitment of coworkers. Consistent communication creates trust and involvement and is therefore a crucial factor for reaching established goals. Hence, we provide comprehensive support to our clients, with project-related communication. Amongst others, we provide the following service

Guiding development and implementation of a communication plan

We support and guide your company’s communication department  in the development and implementation for each particular customized communication and multiplier concept, which will create trust and motivation for earlier achievement of targets. For this we offer:

  • Assistance in developing the internal communication for culture change and change processes
  • Development of key messages
  • Employee surveys
  • Monitoring of culture change and other change projects

Developing content for communication measures

Consistent and steady communication is essential for success in complex strategies, change and culture projects. We support you in the development and distribution of relevant content through texts, videos and audios. For this we offer:

  • CEO Trailer
  • Video messages
  • Audio podcasts
  • Common craft videos
  • Writing of articles for employee magazines
  • Newsletter concepts and newsletter wordings
  • Writing of text messages for employees, clients and other stakeholder
  • Content for Intranet, such as quick polls, FAQs and videos

Promoting lively communication

We support you through interactive events with executives and staff members, in order to create and sustain an open and lively communication culture at your company. For this we offer:

  • Kick-off events
  • Team workshops
  • Major staff events
  • Management events