Insights Discovery®

The success of each company is built upon the performances of its employees. We help people to achieve performances at the highest level by increasing self-awareness, making it easier to adjust to others and build relationships. This way, you create a work environment in which innovation, creativity and productivity thrive.

Sustainable learning results
Insights Discovery utilizes a color language, which is easy to understand and remember. This means that participants can continue to use the color language of Insights Discovery in their everyday life, which is valuable in conflict situations, changing team dynamics or a transition into the executive level.

How it works
Insights Discovery is a simple four-color model that is easy to apply, with which we can understand ourselves and others much better. Everybody carries all four of the color energies. It is the combination of these four color energies that accounts for a unique personality. Our color energies refer to a series of characteristics, which we generally prefer or that comply most with our character:

Fiery Red
People with a dominant fiery red color energy are usually strong-willed, purposeful, individuals who possess a strong determination, which influences their interaction with others.

Sunshine Yellow
People with distinct sunshine yellow color energy radiate enthusiasm and commitment; they enjoy the company of others and always want to be part of everything.

Earth Green
People with a lot of earth green color energy want to understand the world through values and what is important to them. They are often in search of harmony and meaningful relationships.

Cool Blue
People with cool blue color energy feel the need to become familiar with and understand and the world around them. They want precise and complete information before they make any decisions.

When an organization helps its employees to find out about their individual color energy combinations, they are more cheerful and motivated to remain committed, regardless of whether they work alone, in a team, or as an executive.

We develop an Insights Discovery preferences profile for every employee you have in mind for Insights Discovery. This highly efficient instrument can be applied to solve conflicts, improve communication and support teams in acknowledging everyone’s contribution at work. Insights Discovery can be implemented either in a workshop setting or as one-on-one coaching.

Mastering real corporate challenges
When you work with us and Insights Discovery, you invest in your employees and give them a tool, which enables them to work better collectively in the future, on a sustainable basis.

Insights also offers other models, based on Insights Discovery, which are conceptualized to further develop teams, executives and sales employees.

Our models can be combined to create a solution for your team or organization, which helps to meet the various challenges companies face, such as the management of change, the creation of a distinct and inclusive team or corporate culture and the development of a successful client service and sales team. These are just a few examples. In reality, the possibilities are endless.

We look forward to talking to you about how we can support you, your team, your executives or your company to become even more effective.

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