Insights Discovery® Team Effectiveness

Effective teams are the foundation of successful organizations; hence they need to be balanced and focused and there needs to be a good measure of cohesion. The program “team effectiveness” helps teams to find their balance, so that they can reach their highest potential, even during difficult times. 

Each team is confronted by some key moments, for instance when replacing an executive, during the merger of two teams, or when given the opportunity to reach a new pinnacle of success. We can help successful teams and let them shine by maximizing their real potential and preparing them to use opportunities optimally, whenever they arise. We also help teams in times of difficulty, by improving their dynamic, so they are better able to master opportunities.

Insights Team Effectiveness offers the framework and analysis necessary for teams to identify the most urgent and important problems. We help you to diagnose and eliminate sources of error and  improve relationships, we inspire you to become successful and last but not least we assist you in increasing the output of a team.

How it works
Each team member receives an individual Insights Discovery Personal Profile. This helps everyone to realize the unique value one adds to the team. As a foundation, each team member fills out a questionnaire, which asks them about their perception of the team capacities. 

From there, the Team Effectiveness Profile evolves, which shows how to discover a team’s current performance potential. Subsequently, the team can learn how individual team preferences and team dynamics affect the performance during a facilitated discussion and exercises done in a small group.

Clear and practicable action plans evolve, and these accelerate the team’s progress towards their goal. 

A team with strong processes thrives because of its combination of talent, adjusted priorities and the ability to measure individual and team performances.

A team with a good climate holds together under pressure and encourages openness without leaving anyone behind.

When a team has the right flow, open dialogues and room for new ideas arise. The team is agile, innovative and always ready to react if necessary.

A team with a clear focus has a common vision, bears responsibility and is strongly committed to achieving results. 

If one of these areas is not working well, the productivity of a team can decrease in many ways. A balanced team is a successful team, and this model can help you to overcome challenges in all four areas.

We would be glad talk to you about how we can improve and optimize your team performance using Insights Team Effectiveness.

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