Insights® Leadership Effectiveness

Excellent executives inspire. They not only motivate employees – they also motivate their colleagues, their supervisors, and the entire company. 

How it works
Building on the fundamental Insights Discovery model, we work together with executives to explore their personal leadership style and unique value. Using a series of workshops and/or coaching meetings, executives learn how their unique leadership style and individual preferences manifest themselves in their leadership behavior. This way you gain insights into your effectiveness in all of these areas.

Leadership competence means possessing a series of management skills. Executives need to create a persuasive vision, realize results and maximize the team’s effectiveness using common goals and values.

The program “Discover Effectiveness in Leadership” helps people to become the best leaders they can be.

Leading with results
Excellence in results-driven leadership requires a strong focus and excellent prioritization skills, so that a leader can be objective and cope with challenges rationally.

Leading with vision
Excellence when leading with vision requires that executives focus on their environment and use their intuition to establish connections and recognize opportunities that others might oversee.

Leading with relationships
Excellence in relationship-oriented leadership requires focus on managing human relationships, mutual respect, collaboration and assuring that interactions are tolerated as a central element.

Leading from an inner center
Excellence when leading from the inner center requires that executives focus on themselves, on their own thoughts, feelings, values and motivations. Executives who inherit this leadership behavior focus entirely on current happenings and future tasks.

We would be glad to talk to you about how we can improve and optimize the performance of your executives.


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