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Flywheel Circle – together for improved solutions

Flywheel Circle is a unique concept, which collectively leads a group of up to 12 participants, including the executives and decision-makers of a company, to finding improved solutions.

The combination of the experience and knowledge of the executives from your company in direct exchange with profound knowledge of the Flywheel Circle chairman in coaching and consulting quickly leads to improved decisions and solutions.

Flywheel Circle – Benefits

  • Members of the Flywheel Circle meet monthly for half a day, to exchange knowledge and experience, and for collegial peer consulting.
  • Members collectively develop solutions for the most important challenges, opportunities and problems. This happens in strict confidence and outside of the daily work routine.
  • Examples of challenges that are collectively approached in this peer consulting environment, are cross-functional solutions to complex problems, coping with new strategic challenges in the market, improving team spirit and optimization of cross-functional interplay and collaboration.
  • Members benefit both from the knowledge and skills, and from the experience and best practices of other executives and decision-makers. Learn from one another, support each other – this is the maxim.
  • All members receive monthly impulses and suggestions for their most difficult tasks and learn from other executives, who are facing similar challenges or have already overcome them.
  • As the Flywheel Circle is only composed of the executives and decision-makers of your company, all the members understand the opportunities and challenges that the others face, so they are all in the same boat.
  • The organization, coordination and support of the Flywheel Circle and its members lies in the hands of the chairman of ARNOLD Management, as a sparring partner at eye level.
  • The chairman of the Flywheel Circle is a knowledgeable personality with vast practical experience and profound knowledge in leadership, who exhibits great consulting, facilitating, and coaching experience with executives.

For more information on corporate development, using the Flywheel Circle, and how your company can benefit from it, we would be glad to talk to you.