The “Small Gift” - Management Essentials (in German)

How did Warren Buffett amass a fortune that most people can only dream of? How did Bill Gates build up a corporation that quickly developed into the undisputed market leader in a billion-dollar market?

In »What Makes Great Leaders Great - Management Lessons from Icons Who Changed the World«, Frank Arnold profiles over 60 leading personalities from a wide range of domains whose understanding of how to succeed offers lessons for us all.

The handy, pocket-sized »Management Essentials« presents six of these celebrated individuals: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Herbert von Karajan, Michelangelo, and Jack Welch. All were - or are - not only talented artist, scientists, or entrepreneurs, but also outstanding managers.

Never before has management know-how been conveyed in such an entertaining, accessible way!

»For up-and-coming managers, ›Management Essentials‹ spotlights selected key principles of management, exemplified with reference to six leading personalities: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Madonna, Michelangelo, and Albert Einstein. The topics covered are the importance of a mission statement, how to implement ideas, how to organize change, how to focus on important tasks, and how to play to your strengths. This makes the book a great gift for colleagues starting a new job, moving to another department, or intent on climbing the career ladder.«
Wolfgang Hanfstein